Grouse Hill Publishing

Grouse Hill Publishing was formed in December of 2013 in order to manage the owner's authorship. 


In February of 2018, the owner of Grouse Hill Publishing and author Elle Fielding joined forces and formed a partnership based in Australia, Sheila & Swede, for the purpose of developing an indie publishing house. Future releases under the pen name of Lili Grouse will be the property of Sheila & Swede. 


In September of 2018, Grouse Hill Publishing extended its business description and formed Quill Creek Translations. This section of the business will focus on providing translation and transcription services. 


Grouse Hill Publishing offers writing and editing services by author Lili Grouse. Request a quote by filling out the form below. 



Build Me Up by Lili Grouse
Delicate Negotiations by Lili Grouse
All on the Line (novella) by Lili Grouse


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