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… there was a girl whose grandmother always made up stories about the animals on their farm. In her teens, the Internet became a thing… she started writing fanfiction and building websites around her favorite shows at the time. She grew up, went to college, started working in an office… Years later, she returned to her first love – writing. Again, fanfiction was the first step into the world of self-publishing. From there, she went on to write original characters and publishing on Wattpad.

Her first book was Suits and Sunscreen, a romcom inspired by the many chicklit novels she was reading at the time, and by her workplace. She published it under a pen name, A. J. Hill.

Several years later, she moved on to reading more and more romance, starting with the category romances recommended to her by a fellow fanfic author and close friend. Her stories had always had an element of romance in them – the words of her grandmother echoing in her head: Do they end up together? – but then she transitioned into writing strictly romance, under the new pen name Lili Grouse.

Grouse Hill Publishing was already the registered business name to manage the many royalties coming in (that’s a joke, btw, the business is to this day operating at a loss), when Lili Grouse (a native Swede) teamed up with long-time friend and Australian romance author Elle Fielding to create Sheila & Swede.

Which brings us up to today. Lili Grouse and Elle Fielding are now focusing on their respective authorships (be sure to check out for awesome and steamy serials set down under) and Lili Grouse has therefore decided to start her own newsletter, even though it scares her. She is very grateful to the many new author friends she’s made in the TIRAA network for independently published romance authors for gently pushing her to get back on track with her writing career.

Let’s Connect!

I spend most of my social media time on Instagram, so feel free to connect with me there.

And, if you want to receive my newsletter (no spamming, I swear - it's one of my personal pet peeves), sign up here.

You can find my books and other stories on BookBub, Amazon, and on Wattpad

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