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Radish Fiction is a serialized fiction app bringing “bingeable” stories to readers everywhere. Authors must apply to publish stories on Radish and readers can read stories for free or pay for chapters.

Some of the stories I will be publishing on Radish have previously been published on Wattpad. You can read several of my books for free on Wattpad, all in early draft form. Eventually, these books may be published elsewhere in some form and will then undergo revisions. I have removed the books I am publishing on Radish from Wattpad, so they will be exclusively available on Radish in the future.

Remember to subscribe to the stories you read on Radish to be reminded when a new chapter is available. You do this by clicking the little bell icon next to the story in the app. You can download the app for free in the App Store/Google Play.


Bodyguard cover
Doctor's Orders cover
Promises, Promises cover
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Delicate Negotiations - ebook cover[14244].jpg
Build Me Up - ebook cover[14252].jpg
City of Lights, Love, and Longing.jpg

In progress/ Coming soon

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bodyguard sequel cover
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